The Notes – Season 1

Hello Notes of Inspiration Family,

It has been such a pleasure to serve in the capacity of Global Empowerment since 2009. This space has touched so many lives across the globe and we appreciate the emails and phone calls of love and appreciation. We are excited to explore the opportunity to provide more inspiration through film. The film category is “‘Web Series” in which episodes are only 2 to 5 minutes long. We are in content production and we feel that it is only right if we include our partners in the pre-production process. We would like to give you the opportunity to suggest content that you would like to see. We will be sharing a combination of videos, still photos, audio clips, and other media. We will also have some of you as our special guests. For example, if you have an inspiring word, you can send us a photo or a quick 30 second video saying things to inspire others. This is going to be fun because we are going to do this together. Be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel and please tell others so that we can start the process.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or content that you would like to see, please drop us an email at

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