Family Memories

Do you have any special and fun family memories? Treasure every moment!❤️ I flew to Tennessee to help celebrate Ben’s 25 years in the Music Industry. Filming was 12 hour days, but this working vacation was fun because it was with family!❤️#throwback #2014Throwback #season2of3 #Episode6 #television #film #tv

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Credit: Bravo TV Production Reality Series Season 2 of 3 “Thicker Than Water -The Tankards”
Bravo TV “Thicker Than Water The Tankards” Season 2, Episode 6
This was the best working vacation ever. Family is important. Take the time to enjoy and create memories. P.T.

Immediately after we left the Music award celebration in Nashville, The Tankards and friends came back to The Tankard’s Palace in Murfreesboro, Tennessee to have an After Party. It was phenomenal . There was plenty delicious and fancy food, laughter and a lot of dancing. We found out later that the Bravo TV crew would have filmed it had they known we were having the party. It was just as well. I don’t think you all would have been interested in seeing me get off step and mess up the dance called “The Electric Slide” It was a mess! I did a terrible job at that dance! LOL However, it is all about sharing space and time with family. Take the time to do the same.

I love you all and thanks for hanging out here with us here at Notes of Inspiration!

Patrice Tankard

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