Changing Lives is the Goal

Many people ask me what I would like to do in life. Most do not know that I was born with a passion to help others and have spent my entire life doing so. But it would be great to do it on a much larger and global scale. When I obtain the resources to do so, I would like to make the kind of moves to change lives. I am a high school educator and I love to travel. It would be great to travel across the globe creating ways for children to learn more efficiently. I want to open a school in a third world country. I want to create ways for people to have clean water and healthy food. As a musician, it would be awesome to experience different types of music in other countries. As a writer, it would be great to travel internationally and write wonderful things about different cultures, while learning about those cultures. As a designer, I want to launch my own clothing line and encourage others to do the same. Creating a cosmetic skin care line has been a dream of mine from childhood. Building apartment housing for the homeless has also been on my to-do list. There are so many projects, business ventures and philanthropy that I crave and desire to partake in. My business plan is already written. Dreaming big is necessary. Working hard is mandatory. Having the means to change others’ lives takes finances and I am working towards the goal. When I am wealthy, I will invest it, but most of all, I want to  use it to change and inspire lives. I want to make a difference. That’s where my heart is. I hope I have answered your questions.

Patrice Tankard

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