Ladies, Tap into Your Power

Ladies, tap into your power!

Sometimes I wonder if women really understand or know the kind of power that they have as one of the most beautiful species on the earth. We can impact our families with the natural and deep nurturing love that God instilled in us. This nurturing love is a powerful tool in helping to shape and mold our children and celebrate our husbands. Women, did you know that you can change a situation that seems challenging and turn it into a positive outcome just by adjusting the tone of your voice? Did you know that you can carry yourself in such a way that it impacts a man’s very life? I watched my mother as a child and noticed that she could get anything that she wanted out of my dad just by adjusting the tone her voice from “regular mid-tone pitch” to a “softer, sultry, whisper-like pitch” She had the most serene aura and her personality was sensually magnetizing.  I would say to myself, “Now, wait a minute. Dad just told her ‘No’ earlier. Now, all of a sudden he is saying ‘Yes?’ How did mom do that?”

My mother used to tell me that men appreciate these things from women: soft voices, sweet perfume, a gentle demeanor, intelligent thought processes, words of encouragement, submissiveness, the ability to celebrate her husband, loyalty, the skills to create a happy home, the willingness to love sensually when necessary and many other characteristics. Now, I was not trying to listen to my mother at the time because I was in high school, interested in sports and was a devout tom boy. She was trying to settle me down and prepare me for a future ahead. I was not interested in learning the ways of a good wife. I did not realize the value and power that women possessed. It is important that we know our worth and our value. We can be respected when we respect ourselves and realize that we possess tools and weapons that can make or break those around us. Our voices are one of the most powerful tools. We can use our voices to enhance or impact any situation. A woman with great verbal skills can talk herself into or out of almost anything. I have experienced this concept and it works. The way we carry ourselves can be a tool for success subliminally. For example, if a woman walks and talks with confidence, intelligence and finesse, it is assumed that she is a good candidate for business, a position in employment, a good prospect for leading a committee and  many other aspects.

There are so many powerful tools that we possess as women. I have only mentioned a few here. Women, take the time to tap into your power. You can change your world around you with the right attitude, tone of voice,  and presentation of behavior. We will examine this further in my upcoming notes. Ladies, tap into your power! More power to the ladies!

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