Date Like a Lady

Ladies, this is what I do when I go out on dates. Here are some tips:

  1. Meet in a public place with a planned activity (dinner, bowling, sports/game, art festival…etc)
  2. For safety reasons tell close friends where you will be and with whom. (the place, time and name of the person your meeting)
  3. Set the tone of the date. (Dress and act like a lady)
  4. Pay for your own meal on the first date.
  5. Provide your own transportation.
  6. Dress nice for the occasion in good taste.
  7. Make great conversation and be a good listener.
  8. Have fun and laugh.
  9. Do not feel obligated to kiss.
  10. Do not feel obligated to have sex.
  11. Focus on your date’s personality.
  12. Carry yourself like a sophisticated lady.
  13. Say something to him that he will never forget. (A nice comment)
  14. Thank him for a wonderful evening.
  15. Get home safely and let your friends know you’re home.
  16. Enjoy the luxury of knowing that you had the freedom to enjoy yourself without compromising your morals.

Note: Have a back-up plan in place before hand just in case you feel uncomfortable or unsafe at any time.

Patrice Tankard

Photo credit: Ebony Magazine


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