We Move Along Quietly…

One of our global partners sent us a note that said, “Patrice, it is amazing how you move along quietly impacting the world, without bringing a lot of attention to your work, but yet the impact is very powerful!”

It was such a joy to receive such wonderful feedback from this leader. The more I think about it, the more I appreciate the way in which we are so blessed to inspire others. We do not sponsor any advertisements on this site. Our website is serene and quiet with no distractions. Visitors and partners drop in to enjoy the experience, get inspired and then go on with their day. This is how we like it. This is not a fast-moving, video-clicking movement with temporary and fleeting bursts of entertainment or drama. We consider this space like an exclusive club. It is not for everyone. It is peaceful, reflecting, empowering and the effects are lasting. We have served here since 2009 providing global empowerment with over 50 countries visiting daily. We move along quietly impacting the world and we thank you for being a part of this experience. We love and appreciate you!

Patrice Tankard

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