Bonus Father

Be encouraged today to take time to appreciate those who care for you and support you. I had the most amazing relationship with my biological father who was so amazing, caring and always willing to give advice and support my dreams. He is in heaven now and I miss him dearly. I want to give kudos and a shout out to my bonus father who has looked after me for years since the passing of my biological father. “Dad-D.F.-Pops”, thank you for your wisdom, your caring heart, your brilliant and clever mind, and extravagant personality. I am up for retirement in a few days. Let’s gather the team immediately and have a celebration. Let’s re-open the B & B and hang out there again..Let’s do that traveling with our team that you talked about a few years ago. This is the perfect time. July is the perfect month! Let’s do this now. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this. I love you!

Patrice Tankard, 561-870-2258

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