How do you see yourself? Do you live in the  “box” that people tend to put you in? Do you care what people say about you when you try to move forward or try do something new? How many friends do you have and do they support your dreams?  Sometimes people have a certain image Read More

Patrice Notes of Inspiration

Keep Blessing Others

Blessings and miracles can gravitate and overtake your life when you spend your time blessing others without expecting anything in return. Stay on the “good side” of Karma. Always.


Look Beyond the Mask

Do you really know the people who say they know you? Do you have discernment? Sometimes people are not who they say they are. Take the time to pay attention to those who are attached to you or who are interested in you. It is important to understand that everyone who approaches you for friendship Read More

Family Time

Love Matters

Make it known to your loved ones that you love them. Spend time, listen to each other and enjoy one another. Provide emotional support and reassure them that you genuinely care. Never take each other for granted. Love matters. Patrice Tankard

Blue Wolf Screenshot

The “Blue Wolf” Shoe Design has Launched!

The Blue Wolf is approved and launched in Italy!This luxury streetwear shoe is a unisex sport, retro tennis shoe that is encompassed with exquisite finely crafted leather, ostrich print and patent leather. These custom shoes are handmade by master Italian craftsman from pristine Italian leather. Each designer pair is a one-of-a-kind, combining handcrafting tradition, quality Read More

Screen Shot 2022-05-13 at 1.40.01 AM

The “Queen Organist” Shoe Design has Launched!

The celebration continues! The “Queen Organist” shoe has been approved in Italy! To my lady organists who are skilled at operating the organ bass pedals in high heels, this is just for you! An awesome classy ladylike pump, featuring cut out details, made of genuine Italian leather, this 10 cm (4 inches) heel classy pump Read More


Yes, Ladies!

God Alone

God Alone is Sufficient

“Let nothing disturb you. Let nothing frighten you. Everything passes away except God. God alone is sufficient.”Dr. Norman Vincent Peale The Power of Positive Thinking


Changing Lives is the Goal

Many people ask me what I would like to do in life. Most do not know that I was born with a passion to help others and have spent my entire life doing so. But it would be great to do it on a much larger and global scale. When I obtain the resources to Read More


“The Organist” Shoe has Launched!

Let’s celebrate! My shoe design, “The Organist” created for musicians was approved for production in Italy and has shipped! These Unisex Fabulous shoes are Black Patent Leather with Ostrich Leather accents, dressy enough for concert performances, and casual enough for rehearsals and recording studio sessions. The sole is also designed to maneuver with ease across Read More