Luxury Streetwear Backpack!

You asked and we delivered! Come check out our new streetwear backpack design! Pair it with our unisex shoe design!(See video below) Enjoy the gold and silver crocprint, with leopard print and black patent leather. Exclusive luxury Italian leathers made in Italy! Be inspired to do what you love, and know that you are making Read More


Tila Tea

Check out this article by Alkaline Valley that talks about the great effects of drinking tea!    

Plaid Siliver-PhotoRoom

The Luxury Plaid Design

This is my favorite design right now. This design is unisex and created with the finest Italian leathers, with croc print and patent leather! If you are into intricate design, you will understand how unique it is to wear a texture that has a print design. This plaid print is giving luxury, red-carpet and royal Read More


Work Together

It is much easier to accomplish your goals if you collaborate with like-minded people. No man is an island. We all need someone to help us with our aspirations. Sometimes all is needed is a kind word or deed. Learn how to encourage, uplift, and celebrate people who are in your corner. Learn how to Read More


The Serenity Zone

If you ever experience anxiety or stress, think about creating a “serenity zone.” A serenity zone is a place that you can go to decompress from the distractions and challenges of your life when you need to. The serenity zone can be a physical place or it can also be a mental or spiritual space Read More


Happy New You! #2024

Here is hoping that you get everything that you having been working hard and praying for. May this year be the turning point and the pivoting of your life that grant you blessings, healing, happiness and divine surprises! Much Love, Patrice Tankard & the NOI Team

Sam and family christmas

Happy Holidays!

Our friends, International Musician/Bassist Sam K. Jebaraja II, his wife, Mercy, and their children from Chennai, India, have been with Notes of Inspiration since 2009 when we started. Thank you all and we love you! Patrice Tankard Productions & Notes of Inspiration/Staff. Happy Holidays!

Jonathan McReynolds

Do Not Worry About Tomorrow

Take a listen. Be encouraged. God is in control. #listeningparty



It took me so many years to get to a point in my life where I did not care what others think about me. Sometimes we grow up and become programmed to please others, and that is alright in it’s proper place. But we should live our lives based on what we want and not Read More


Happy Thanksgiving!

We at Notes of Inspiration are so thankful for you and we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Patrice Tankard & The NOI Team