Jan 9 2022

The Plan

Now is the perfect time to formulate a plan for this new year in terms of your goals. New Year resolutions are not something that motivate me, but creating a plan does. Find out what motivates you to move forward with your goals. Take one day at a time and work your plan. Happy New […]


Help Someone

Whenever  you get the opportunity, lend a helping hand to someone who needs it. For example, when I go grocery shopping and see people riding around in motorized shopping carts, I often ask it they need me to get something for them off of a high shelf. They always say “Yes” and they are always […]



Find out what makes you happy in this life. Hopefully, you are doing something everyday that inspires others. If not, it is certainly worth  the effort to explore the gifts inside of you that should be shared with others. Life is more exciting when there are opportunities to help those in need through a kind […]

Move Along quietly

We Move Along Quietly…

One of our global partners sent us a note that said, “Patrice, it is amazing how you move along quietly impacting the world, without bringing a lot of attention to your work, but yet the impact is very powerful!” It was such a joy to receive such wonderful feedback from this leader. The more I […]

Count Down New year

Count Down to 2022

Congratulations! You are blessed to still be here! It has been a rough season with all that is going on in the world. There are only a few days left in this year. Take time to embrace life and your loved ones. It is all about the people who matter the most. Your family and […]


Go Get It!

Do not ask for permission. Do not look for approval. Do not wait on people to give it to you. Go get what you want. It may cost you, but if you want it bad enough, you will have it. Almost everything in my life that I have, I have worked very hard for. Growing […]


Your Thoughts Matter

In all your efforts in life, remember to think happy thoughts. You will feel better and hopefully it will relieve stress. Your thoughts have a lot to do with your emotions. Your emotions have a lot to do with your health.  Thinking positive thoughts, meditating and staying calm will improve your happiness. Try it! Patrice […]


Handle With Care

As we approach the holidays, it is the time of year when people experience anxiety. The Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons are not always welcomed in some individuals’ lives. Even though this can be a happy time for some, it can be devastating for others. Just as the holidays can illuminate emotions of happiness, it can […]

Balance 1

Finding Balance

This week was one of the best weeks that I’ve experienced in a long time. To be able to connect with wonderful people and to worrk in theater again are exceptional blessings! Life is all about balance. I’m finally finding it. Follow your dreams everyday! #weekendvibes #celebration #saturdaynight #date #balance #happiness #musician #writer #designer #producer […]



The season is changing into Fall. This is such a wonderful time of the year. Is this a new season in your life? What are your plans? What do you plan to do with it? You have the power to make life-changing decisions in this moment. Choose your path carefully. I expect the best for […]