What are you waiting for?

Stop saving the china dinnerware for special guests. Eat on your best china and silverware now. That bottle of wine that you have been saving should be saved no more. Celebrate now.  Everyday is a gift. Embrace and enjoy each moment of your life. You never know what another day may bring. Create memories with […]


Moments of Luxury

Relax and enjoy your life! Take time to enjoy life one moment at a time. Luxuries can be enjoyable and not necessarily expensive. It’s a luxury to me when I can sleep in late. I deem it a luxury to work at home once a week. A walk on the beach and  a tall glass […]


Trust Him with Everything

  “To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul; in you I trust, O my God” Psalms 25: 1 In perilous times like these it is quite apparent that trust is a valued jewel and may not often be found. I trust God with my soul and my heart. He will listen to me […]

Old Hollywood2

Check Your Mirror

Be encouraged to take the time to continue to improve your life. Before you try to correct someone or give them advise, evaluate yourself first. Take a look at your own life before giving advice or counsel to others. Keep inspiring others, but check your mirror first! Patrice Tankard


Dining is Intimate

When someone asks you out to dinner, it really means something.  Dining with someone means that there is a connection. The connection can be business, personal or spiritual. Great food and good conversation are rewarding when sharing a meal with someone. I personally love fine dining at best,  complete with table cloths, extraordinary silverware, glassware, […]


Own the Room

Be the kind of person that people are happy to see coming and sad to see walk away. When you walk in a room, own it. It’s all about your personality, your aura and your energy. Stay amazing! Until the next post, I love you! Patrice Tankard #ambience #swag #energy #positivevibes #owntheroom #knowyourworth #worth #queen […]


Teaching During the Pandemic

We have come to the end of the 2020-2021 school year. This has been such a rough year for everyone during the pandemic. So many people in the world lost jobs, good health and their lives. As educators here in Florida, many of us were hesitant to return to the classroom during the pandemic. After […]


Spread Smiles

Fine Dining

Celebrate Everything!

It has always been my motto to “Celebrate everything!” My children and friends are witnesses to this lifestyle. We celebrate big and small accomplishments. We celebrate life, friendships, promotions, good report cards, great ideas, creativity, originality, blessings and we celebrate each other. Now that my kids are all grown up and on their own, I […]


What Are Your Summer Plans?

As Summer approaches it is a time to think about what you will do to enjoy this season. Summer it’s a time for backyard bar-b-ques, beach parties, vacations and other fun activities. Whatever you plan to do this Summer make sure that you really enjoy each day completely. Life is so precious and important and […]