Get through it

Whatever your challenges today, just know that they are temporary. Life happens in cycles and seasons. Some days are great and some days are not. But when you have bad days, just remember that it is temporary. In this life, you have to take the good with the bad. However, the good news is that Read More


Go Get Yours

Try to put a price on happiness. You probably cannot. Your happiness is created by your thoughts. Whatever situation you are in, find something to be thankful for. Happiness is a blessing and it’s priceless. Go get yours! Patrice Tankard


No Approval Needed

Embrace life and enjoy being yourself and doing the things that you love. Some people may appreciate you for who you are and some people may hate you for being your awesome self. But just remember, you are great and wonderful and you do not need anyone’s approval to live blissfully blessed and happy. Keep Read More


Remember What Is Important

Even though elephants are known to have minimal eyesight, they remember faces very well. Through the years, the older elephants in a herd may remember the best feeding and water sources and the sources that have drought while  traveling with other elephants in the forest. The male elephant in a herd may also remember previous Read More

Red Head

This is What I Want For You

“All I ever want is for you to be happy, healthy, completely whole and living your best life.” Patrice Tankard


Happy Sunday!


You are the D.J. of your life

Your life is like an event or party. You get to choose your path. You get to choose the songs that are played at your event or party. You are the DJ of your life’s journey. Choose your songs(paths) carefully. Patrice Tankard


What Else Could I Want?

This stage of my life feels so wonderful. I’ve raised my children and I love them so much. They are grown and living their best lives. There are “Grand Royals” in my life now that I love dearly. I have enjoyed the best career in the Universe as an educator. I have toured as a Read More

Nashville Tennessee

Summers are Made for Fun!

Nashville, Tennessee is so beautiful during the summer. People are happily living their best lives, eating the most delicious cuisines, shopping, hiking, spending time with family and friends and doing many other things. This is what makes life great. Take time to spend quality time to enjoy yourself and to enjoy life with others. Patrice Read More


The Simple Things

Sometimes it is good to appreciate the simple things in life. Tonight, I had dinner at “The Table” restaurant in Downtown Deland, Florida. It was great to meet new people while attending the financial strategies workshop that was hosted there.  Great food, new friends, and a fabulous night out  was just what I needed to Read More