Make Mother’s Day Easier This Year

Happy Mother’s Day to all nurturers of children. You deserve the very best! If there is someone in your life who is still here for you to appreciate for nurturing you, then please take time to appreciate them. Let me share with you ways in which my children helped to make my life so much […]


Family Date Night

Tonight is Family Date night. My “Grand Royal” Prince Arthur turned 8 years old this week. We will hit the basketball courts tonight and then on to his Pizza Party Slumber Party as he requested. I played basketball in high school and received a Basketball Scholarship in college and played Center for Bethune Cookman University. […]

Single Fall

Upcoming Projects

Hello My Loves, For the past 11 years, I have been writing Notes of Inspiration. It would be great to play and sing Notes of Inspiration as well. Since our audience is Global, the Genre will be World Music/Latin, Cumbia. That’s my musical style and has been for years. Stay tuned for these upcoming Projects: […]


Audio Sample, “If You Try” by Patrice Tankard

Hello my loves, Please check out my new Audio Sample on SoundCloud! A Single is in the works for this Summer. Vocals, Lyrics and Music by Patrice Tankard and the Genre is World Music/Latin/Cumbia. Thanks for listening! Much love Patrice Tankard Click Below:


Happy National Siblings Day!

Happy National Siblings Day! These are my siblings, Ben Tankard and Avaleir Tankard-Simmons and we are Thicker than Water! ❤️❤️❤️ Stay connected to your family and love on them always! Patrice Tankard #theoriginaltankards #patrice #ben #avaleir #thetankards

Springbreak 2021

Like and Subscribe

Hello my loves, We are in production for an upcoming mini-series. Like, subscribe and be sure to click on the bell for notifications. You will then be one of the firsts to be notified of Season 1, Episode 1 and others. Join our journey! You are going to love it and you can say you […]


Spring Vacation

Dear Friends, Notes of Inspiration is on spring vacation March 18, 2021 to March 28, 2021. When you get a moment, be sure to take some time for yourself when you have a day off. Take some “me time” and relax, gather your thoughts, meditate, do self-care, have fun in the sun, eat, drink and […]

Montana lunch1

Treat Yourself Well

Take time to be good to yourself. Self care is so important more now than ever. Spend time with the ones that you love. Have great conversations. Live your life happy. Life is essential. Take good care of yourself and thrive! Photo: Loaded potato, Filet Mignon -Dinner Chronicles #BirthdayCelebration #MarchCelebrations Patrice Tankard


Birthday Month

Hello my loves! March is my Birthday Month and I am so excited to see another year! Help me to celebrate and just know that gifts are not necessary. All I want you to do is to live a happy life and to help others! Much love. P.T.#MarchBirthdayGirl #March9th#BirthdayMonth #PiscesPrincess #NoGiftsNecessary #LiveYourLifeHappy #HelpOthers#MuchLove #PatriceTankard #ExecutiveWriter […]

Amanda Worthy

History is Forever

Even though February is traditionally Black History Month, we should study all History daily. #Actorslife –#historicfigures -Playing the part of Amanda Worthy – Midwife of the 1800s who worked alongside doctors who risked their lives to provide medical treatment to African Americans. #whitecoats#caringhearts#historyisforever