Family Memories

Do you have any special and fun family memories? Treasure every moment! I flew to Tennessee to help celebrate Ben’s 25 years in the Music Industry. Filming was 12 hour days, but this working vacation was fun because it was with family!#throwback #2014Throwback #season2of3 #Episode6 #television #film #tv Catch up to Season 4 on Sunday Read More

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Welcome To Notes of Inspiration!

We at Notes of Inspiration are very happy that you are here. If you enjoy more of a relaxed pace of enrichment instead of the fast-paced, video-clicking, video-driven-drama that has saturated social media, then this is the place for you. The refined and sophisticated art of reading and absorbing information still exists and it happens Read More


Happy Birthday to All “May” Babies!

It is the end of May and we are still celebrating birthdays in May in our family. We have quite a few! We are ending the month with a Virtual Birthday Party. Some of our members live out of state. This party was designed by the Guest of Honor, Ellice! The theme is “Donuts” Take Read More