The Serenity Zone

If you ever experience anxiety or stress, think about creating a “serenity zone.” A serenity zone is a place that you can go to decompress from the distractions and challenges of your life when you need to. The serenity zone can be a physical place or it can also be a mental or spiritual space Read More


What Else Could I Want?

This stage of my life feels so wonderful. I’ve raised my children and I love them so much. They are grown and living their best lives. There are “Grand Royals” in my life now that I love dearly. I have enjoyed the best career in the Universe as an educator. I have toured as a Read More

Blue Hair


I have found that some people who think they  know me  really do not know me at all. Sometimes my friends complain.  From time to time my friends will say things like, “Patrice, you used to do this and you used to think that.”  I often have to remind them that I am constantly stretching Read More

Come Home

Your Happy Space

No matter what is going on any and everywhere, when you come home, you deserve the luxury and blessing of.coming home to a happy and peaceful dwelling. It’s your sanctuary. If you do not have it, then it is time to create it. Enjoy your happy space ! Patrice Tankard #home #homemade #sanctuary #peace #happiness Read More


Beware of Psychopaths

Once I evaluated my situation and that very wrong relationship that I was in, I walked away. It was the best decision that I ever made and my life upgraded.(I was dealing with a charismatic psychopath. Google it.)Protect your loved ones by educating them. This information is especially important when dating.  Beware of psychopaths. Walk Read More


Mental Vacation

Take time to decompress from the stresses of life by  finding quiet moments in your day. The mind is rapidly and consistently racing with ideas and thoughts of what was, what is and what shall be. Before I start my day, I meditate and quietly envision how I want my day to proceed. It is Read More


Clear Your Mind

In today’s world, life is so busy and hectic at times. It is important to set aside a time to relax your mind everyday. Even if it is for just ten minutes, it is worth it. Whether it is through meditation or just through being quiet enough to hear your thoughts, a peaceful mind generates Read More


Let it Go

Do you know exactly how many days you have left to live on this earth? If you knew exactly how many days you had left would you live your life differently? I’ve been on this earth a few decades now and I have learned so much about life. I still do not understand everything but Read More


Do You Have Video “Gaming Disorder”?

Check out this article Forbes contributor Bruce Y. Lee! “And as Jesus Diaz pointed out for Gizmodo, guess what Amazon listed as one of the most common items purchased along with the video game Call of Duty 4? A brand of adult diapers. Yes, apparently some video gamers are wearing diapers so that they don’t have to pause their Call Read More