Luxury Streetwear Fashion

Hello my friends. I am excited to share samples from my Luxury Streetwear Shoe Collection. Feel to browse and when you select to order, a pop-up will appear to offer you a discount to be sent to your email. Also, you will have the opportunity to participate in our upcoming International Virtual Fashion Show to model our shoe design if you wish. More details about the virtual fashion show to come. We are still designing and adding more designs monthly. Please feel to share the links with your friends so that they can view them. Let’s have fun and thank you!

Patrice Tankard & the Design Team

Check out this amazing design! Click below! #TheBlueWolf

Click here to view “The Blue Wolf” shoe design. Discounts are available!

This gorgeous 4 inch British Stiletto is designed for the extravagant female organist musician who is bold and confident. Also, anyone can enjoy this design who is ready!

Take a look at the “Queen Organist” luxury design. Discounts are available!

This unisex black leather, ostrich print and black patent leather design is for the organist musician who enjoys adventure. This shoe is casual enough for rehearsals, but also professional enough for studio recording sessions, film productions and concerts.

Click here:

Check out upcoming designs to be launched soon!

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