Kindness Always Wins

Today, as I was standing in line at Publix to order a Sub, a beautiful elderly woman was in front of me trying to place her order. Because she was in a “Sitting Shopping Cart,” she was not able to see the Deli Technician. As both ladies were trying to see each and practically shouting […]



Take time today to think about all of the possibilities that can happen in your life if you did not have obstacles. How can you overcome your obstacles? What are your obstacles? Some obstacles are situations. Some are even circumstances. Some obstacles are people. What can you do to ensure your success and that your […]

Do What You Love1

Dig Deeper

Do you know all of your capabilities? What are you good at doing? What are your goals? Even if you have done the same thing for the past 20 years, there may be something else that you are good at. Life is about evolving. It is never too late to try something new. I have […]


Inspire a Life

Make a difference in someone’s life today. Smile or say an encouraging word. You will be surprised how it can change a person’s world! Inspire a life. Patrice Tankard


Weekend Fun

As you prepare for weekend things, remember to have fun! Have a fantastic weekend! Until the next post, I love you! Patrice Tankard #fun #weekend #weekendtime #happy #friday #saturday #sunday #relaxation #getaways #minivacations #movies #videogames #netflix #relaxation #reflection #liveyourbestlife #inspiration #patricetankardsworld #musician #producer #photography #writer #beautiful #positivevibes #takeabreak


Own the Room

Be the kind of person that people are happy to see coming and sad to see walk away. When you walk in a room, own it. It’s all about your personality, your aura and your energy. Stay amazing! Until the next post, I love you! Patrice Tankard #ambience #swag #energy #positivevibes #owntheroom #knowyourworth #worth #queen […]


Keep Your Mind Sharp

Check out this article!


Make it work!

More and more it seems that people get frustrated more easily than before. If you ever find yourself sinking in a frustration mode, take time to regroup. Evaluate your concerns and never lose your cool.  Stay calm, breathe and think of happy thoughts. Tap in on your problem-solving skills and make it work!


A Peaceful Saturday

Today, I am enjoying the simple things such as the rays of the sun. I love Saturdays because it gives me a chance to rest and regroup.  Be sure to set aside moments just for you. Let the peace of God bask into your soul and have a peaceful Saturday! Patrice Tankard


Do What You Love!

There are 31 more days of school left! Being an educator is one of the most powerful positions in the world. One has the honor and privilege of impacting lives infinitely! I love being a teacher! When you do what you love, it’s not work!❤️ Patrice Tankard #21yearsofservice #highschool #educator #supportfacilitator #livingthedream #livingmybestlife #inspiringlives #youtharethefuture […]