Know Your Purpose in Life

Do you know why you are here? Do you know what your purpose in life is? Many people spend their entire lives living miscellaneously and without exploring their talents. We all have something that we can do and to share with the world. The key is to find out what it is, nurture it, learn […]


The Storms of Life

In dealing with storms, whether they are physical, mental, emotional or financial, you have to make important decisions. You must decide how you will handle your storms. You must decide if you are going to evacuate or ride them out. But no matter your decision, always keep the faith and believe for the best and […]


It’s Never Too Late

If you have yet to fulfill your dreams, then take heart. Take small steps everyday to reach your goals. Keep going! Patrice Tankard


It is Your Life

“Hold on to instruction, do not let it go; guard it well, for it is your life.” Proverbs 4:13 In all walks of life there will always be the need to follow instructions. From learning how to walk to learning how to operate in a marriage with a husband or wife, instruction and/or wisdom is the key to life.  Wisdom brings honor, […]


This is What I Want For You

“All I ever want is for you to be happy, healthy, completely whole and living your best life.” Patrice Tankard


Bad Hair Day

  Be encouraged and know that it is ok to have a bad hair day. It’s not about the hair but it’s all about what you do with your day and touching lives. Make someone smile. Give someone a compliment. Your kindness will out shine any hair issues. #KeepRocking Patrice Tankard

Be True

No matter what anyone else is doing, you should always be true to who you are. Don’t be afraid to stand up and stand out. Patrice Tankard

Deltona High Schoo PT

School Is In Session!

To all of the parents, guardians, teachers, faculty and students at Deltona High School and globally, here’s hoping that this school year brings success, happiness, safety and achievement! Patrice Tankard, 11th & 12th Grade English Support Facilitator Deltona High School

Changing Lives is the Goal

Many people ask me what I would like to do in life. Most do not know that I was born with a passion to help others and have spent my entire life doing so. But it would be great to do it on a much larger and global scale. When I obtain the resources to […]

Black woman praying

Healing Can Come in Many Forms

We all need to be healed from something. It could be from physical ailments, emotional scars, soul diseases, or even spiritual sickness. But pay attention to what lifts you. Pharmaceutical  medicines certainly can play a part in helping to heal what ails you. Even holistic and natural remedies are used to make people feel better […]